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Rennie's night out

As I may have previously mentioned, I am no longer submitting parts of stories to deviantart until they are complete.  This way something doesn't end up having to go unfinished for months or even years at a time.  Because of that, however, I've started creating side content from my projects that can go up by themselves in the meantime.  The story's a rough draft, and subject to change, but the basic premise won't.

Meet Rennie, she was recently hired by [REDACTED] following her participation in a research study.  She's suffered from some slight memory issues immediately afterwards, but after a number of appointments with the company's resident psychiatrist she was able to remember everything going forward from that moment, and ultimately would go on to develop some serious skills as an espionage artist.

Here she is pictured at a recent socialite get together.  Her target was the CEO of a research and development company, or maybe he was the COO, or CFO, or whatever.  She wasn't really sure, but she did know that he had had IT give him personal network to the company's internal database on his laptop, and that he was single.  She'd practiced the process hundreds of times before the mission started, plug the USB in, run the desktop.exe program from the USB, double-click on the company portal, run the login.exe program from the USB, follow the instructions on screen, drag the corp.c file into the folder labeled firewall, which was inside the folder network, which was inside the folder labeled C://, log-out of the company portal, run the logoff.exe program from the USB, and remove the USB from the computer.  That wasn't the hard part, she knew that she could do it while blackout drunk, which she had done multiple times in practice, and which she'd preferred not to but was willing to if that's what it'd take to get the job done.  No, the hard part was getting the mark's attention, and making sure that he was too tired, and/or too exhausted, to keep track of whatever happened at 6:00 am in his apartment, or at least it was supposed to be.

“And so I told him, hic… if you’s wants to keep working for me you’d better get down on yer knee’s and beg”, the C-something-O slurred, shaking his glass.  Rennie, only ever so slightly buzzed, hadn’t expected things to be so easy, but she wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  “ohmigosh you must be like, such a good boss.  I wish I had someone like you at our job to keep everyone all in line”.  The C-whatever-O put his glass down and tried to adopt a heroic posture, “Well I’d love to, but I’ve got a VERY, VERY important job to do.”  Rennie feigned sadness and got ready to set the bait, but as it turns out, she didn’t even need to risk being the one to suggest it.  “HOWEVER, hic, I’ve got the week off, on account of being such a good boss, what’s say you and I ditch this party so I can show you what it’s like to have a real man in charge”.  Rennie actually broke character and laughed at the sheer stupidity of the statement, before pulling herself together and playing it off as attraction, “Why I’d love to, like, right now, seriously”.

It wasn’t but four hours later at 3:00 am before Rennie left the high-rise apartment complex and got into an unmarked van 2 blocks away.  Her getaway driver and supervisor for the mission were waiting.  The supervisor waited until the door was shut before addressing her, “you’re early, did your cover get blown, were you followed?”  Rennie, more in control of herself than expected, answered the question with surprising confidence, “no and no, I’m done”.  “How’d that happen?”, the manager asked, looking out the window at the apartment as the van merged onto the highway.  “He tried spiking my drink after the party, and then ‘accidentally’ took the wrong one.”  Rennie made quotation marks with her fingers.  “Fucking creep deserved it, I got the job done and got out of there, left a hastily written note.  When he wakes up he’ll probably think that he passed out from over-exertion or something stupid”.  She handed the USB stick to her boss, who plugged it into his laptop.  The program was designed to activate from inside the network and send information out, but it’d also taken a screenshot of the desktop immediately before logging out.  Careful care was taken to ensure that no one would notice the vulnerability.  Confirming that she hadn’t left the device in the room was the first step, but he also needed to confirm that the program had worked and left nothing malicious open on the desktop.  Nodding, he closed the laptop before confirming the ‘end’ of the mission, “Good job, it’s going to be a long time before your next job, so you’re getting transferred to the New York office.”  “Cool.”  Rennie half-heartedly replied, before changing into something less revealing and falling asleep in the back.  Her party attire was pretty good at distracting people, but having no support hurt her back like you wouldn’t believe.

Putting the finishing touches on a 5 part commission.  What name do y'all think fits best for a red-head?

A. Scarlet(t)
B. Cheyenne
C. Flannery
Alright, after a surprisingly blowout I'll be doing the rest of the series with style A.

Just some words on the series going forward...

1. It could take a while to come out.  I'm doing this as an on again off again hobby and not as a job, so it could be a while before it is done.  Once it's finished they'll all be posted close together.

2. It's going to be a relatively little amount of pictures, but with a lot of text.  I'm aiming for under 10 posts, but with a lot of backstory.  I like extended stories but I always get caught up with real life and ending up having to leave them half finished.  Hopefully I'll be able to avoid that this time around.
There are a few different ways that people post transformation stories with pictures on deviantart.  For anyone reading I'd be interested in hearing which style you prefer the most and why.  I'm including examples of some Bimbo TF's stories for each, be sure to check them all out (especially number 3)!

1. One picture with caption in description: The story is told in one image that shows the aftermath to the transformation and explains how it happened in text in the description.

2. Multiple Pictures in multiple posts: The story is told across multiple posts.  This way you can learn a little bit more of the story every 2-3 days, but you also have to click through all of them to read it all at once.

3. Multiple Pictures in one pdf or ZIP: This one is kind of like 2. but everything is submitted in one post, so you don't have to open each page individually.  One downside is that it can take a long time to load.

In addition, do you prefer text to be in the images, like in #3, or in the description, like #1 and #2.


United States


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